Attitude WhatsApp Status Video In KineMaster App

Altitude WhatsApp Status App is a simple application for the Apple iPhone that uses the altitude and heading sensors of the iPhone to display altitude and heading information on a map.

It displays the altitude and heading, as well as whether the device is currently in a secure location or not.

This application was developed by KineMaster, an award winning company in the Swiss pharmaceutical group Neue Pharma C.V. and has been tested on the iPhone.

Altitude WhatsApp Status Video In KineMaster App

The feature was first revealed at the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, during the June 2021 iPhone event.

The Altitude Message function was first available as an invite only function, but it was quickly included as a default feature.

With the availability of the high altitude message, the usability of the iPhone is enhanced.

As mentioned at the Barcelona event, the high altitude message appears above the regular status bar on the iPhone, together with the altitude and compass.

This allows the user to view the altitude and heading, along with whether the device is currently in a safe location or not.

Depending upon the need and purpose, the user can easily change the settings so that the Altitude Message appears, on the screen, whenever the need arises.

For instance, if one wants to go trekking, the user can set the high altitude message to indicate the location.

The KineMaster app is also useful when documenting one’s journey. When using the app, one can set the altitude at which one is hiking,

so that the high altitude message appears when one reaches a certain elevation.

The same approach is used in the Facebook application, where one can mark a trek in Facebookpace.

However, the KineMaster app provides more options when it comes to recording one’s journey, as the iPhone has much better video camera features compared to a regular camera cell phone.

While some messaging apps have limited options when it comes to viewing the maps and other data,

KineMaster provides an interactive journey mapping interface, complete with arrows and labels.

Furthermore, the app also offers other data, such as the time one is at the place of each destination, the weather,


and a detailed route map. All of these options make it easy for one to get a more detailed overview, especially while travelling.

Although the KineMaster app doesn’t offer many other functions, it does have one impressive feature.

The KineMaster app records every image taken by the user, including ones taken on the go.

In fact, the high altitude message can be seen in real time and thus ensures that one doesn’t miss any important moments.

Moreover, the app promises to increase safety awareness. For instance, the app helps users avoid obstacles on roads and thereby preventing traffic jams.

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This way, air ambulances are able to reach patients with medical problems faster, thanks to the high altitude message feature.


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