Black Screen Video Apk App For Android

Black Screen is a video app that allows you to play videos even when the screen is

off. This helps save battery life on OLED and AMOLED devices. It does not lock the

screen but instead overlays the current app. To use Black Screen, simply hit the

floating button in the top right corner of the screen.

Saves battery on AMOLED devices

The Black Screen Video Apk App is a mod app that lets you play videos with the

screen off, saving battery on AMOLED devices. You can use this app for playing

videos on YouTube, watching music videos, or taking selfies. The app works by

adding a black overlay over your current app. You can switch between apps by

unlocking a floating button on the screen.

The app works by overlaying a black grid on top of the screen, which darkens the

screen. This feature prevents battery burn-in and prevents the device from going to

sleep. It is available for many devices, including Samsung and Motorola phones. It

works by showing a black overlay on top of the screen that turns off all pixels on a

modern AMOLED display.

AMOLED devices suffer from a problem known as “burn-in,” which can occur over

time. Despite the fact that this phenomenon is permanent, you can do a few tricks

to reduce the effects and prolong the life of your AMOLED device. First, use an

application that detects burn-in damage. The best app for this purpose is Screen


Second, a black screen can save battery on AMOLED devices. Studies conducted by

Senk9 showed that black screens save approximately 50 percent of battery life

compared to white screens. Furthermore, black screens display true blacks, so they

require much less power than white screens.

Simulates a locked screen state over any app

If you’re writing a mobile application that requires the user to enter a password to

unlock the device, you might be wondering if there is an application that can

simulate a locked screen state. It’s a simple enough task, but there are some things

you need to know to design a secure simulation. First, you need to understand what

a simulation is. This is a graphical representation of how an application behaves. It’s

usually composed of states and transitions.

Recording videos with the screen turned off in


The Black Screen Video Apk App allows you to record videos even with the screen

turned off. It records in HD and disables camera previews and sounds. You can also

circumvent the Android 4GB limit and record as long as you want. The app is free

but ad supported.To begin recording with the screen turned off, tap the record button at the top right

corner of the screen. A new window will appear. Now select a recording mode, and

tap Record. After recording a video, tap the playback button. To pause recording,

tap the red button.

The Black Screen Video Apk App allows users to record videos with the screen turned

off while saving battery life. This is helpful when using your phone while watching a

movie or listening to music. It saves battery power, especially on AMOLED devices,

which display all videos in black. The floating button also allows you to turn the

screen off quickly. If you want to continue recording, tap the button again to resume


You can also record videos while the screen is turned off using the iRecorder App.

You can also record videos using the front camera when the screen is off. This app

even lets you record videos in the background while you use the app.

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