Rs.5000 Easy khata digital App Download For Android

Easy Khata is a new and exciting type of data photography. It was initiated by an award winning photographer Sanjay Leela Bhansali. His story of documenting ordinary life in Mumbai took him across the world and he has now turned his sights on developing an exciting new genre of photographs. He has produced a collection … Read more

How To Use Free Internet In Pakistan – 3 Great Tips

Free Internet In Pakistan is a concern that most Americans have to worry about especially after the recent turmoil in Pakistan. We know that Internet security in Pakistan has been a big concern for Americans given the numerous hacking attempts that have happened recently. So is there an option available for Americans to use free … Read more

Free Rs 50000 | Earn Money Online | 1 Click 150 Ruppes

How to Earn money online in Pakistan¬† Actually, all of the work can be done without having any presence on the internet. All you need is to create unique content and post it in the popular sites such as WordPress, Blogger, or Squidoo. Once you have created your account and posted the content, the site … Read more

Black Screen Tamplate Video Editor App Download

Tamplate – A Great Black Screen Tamper Black Screen Tamplate is a device that is used in order to make a black and white film. This is used for making movies, documentaries, advertising campaigns and videos. The device works by imprinting a black and white photograph or film onto a substrate that is coated with … Read more

New Stylish font editing in Kinemaster

New stylish font editing in Kinemaster has been added for the user’s ease and convenience. You no longer have to install a separate application just to be able to edit text boxes in your application.You can now enjoy using both the applications at the same time without any problems. The font you choose in the … Read more

Make Happy Birthday Status Video in Android Phone

Happy Birthday to You! YouTube Download for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad/iPod Touch – Unleash your inner 7-year-old with this free video website! This version of the browser does not support live video. Instead use Chrome browser. The idea behind happy birthday whatsapp status videos is to express your feelings of love and / or … Read more

Kinemaster Video Editing Complete Tutorial

The Kinemaster video editing tutorial is aimed at teaching you all you need to know about using the applications used by professional videographers and editors such as Adobe. The program was created for photographers specifically, and it allows for easy photo editing tasks and photo retouching. The software has everything you need in order to … Read more